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Synonyms for nigger

(ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Black person

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All the PCs said, "Oh no, you can't teach Huckleberry Finn in schools any more because it uses the Nword." People get themselves so worked up and fearful over nothing.
LEGENDS J Steve & Chris UPLIFTING n Pals raise him HUG J Embrace by Sir Steve JOYn Harry, Peter & Major MUM'S THE nWORD Carol TEARSn Sir Chris yesterday Pictures: ANDREW STENNING
I O-K Readability OBSCU 26,579 0.448 1.541 -0.814 FOG 25,257 19.992 1.189 19.241 Nwords 25,257 37,776.137 24,148.420 22,221.000 Panel C.