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similar to the pin oak

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Bare root seedlings of willow oak, Nuttall oak, bitter pecan and baldcypress were planted with a minimum height of 30 to 45 cm.
Nuttall oak was the most frequently planted species on the study site (Table 1).
At the end of the second growing season, Nuttall oak density was 114 TPA (calculated as 34% of 105 TPA + 74% of 106 TPA; Table 1) and was significantly lower than in 1996, indicating mortality in this species.
After 8 growing seasons, average seedling height for Nuttall oak, willow oak, bitter pecan and baldcypress were 2.
Seedlings of Nuttall oak, willow oak and bitter pecan planted with tree shelters, had mean survival rates double that of those without shelters.
This compares to 24% and 11%, for willow oak and Nuttall oak, respectively.
eastern cottonwood and Nuttall oak comprised nearly equal amounts of the species measured, approximately 15 TPA each.
Overall, shelters significantly increased survival throughout the 8 years of this study for Nuttall oak, willow oak and bitter pecan.
New techniques are emerging, such as using cottonwood as a nurse crop for interplanted Nuttall oak (Schweitzer et al.
The order of highest to lowest survival was baldcypress, overcup oak, Nuttall oak, willow oak, and Shumard oak in all treatments except treatment 2, where both baldcypress and overcup oak had 100% survival (Table 1 and Figure 2).
Survival of Nuttall oak equaled willow oak after the second flooding episode (65%), but unlike willow oak which experienced further declines, Nuttall oak survival remained relatively constant for the rest of the study.
Willow oaks and Nuttall oaks are two species that don't tolerate long-term flooding when they are young," he says.
I have no doubt that if the current system continues, willow and Nuttall oaks will be eliminated completely," adds Ezell.
So far, though, Naylor can't say if the decline in willow and Nuttall oaks has led to a decline in ducks visiting Arkansas' GTRs.