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something added to complete a diet or to make up for a dietary deficiency

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In addition, the PowerBar brand of Nestle Nutrition's Performance Nutrition division has formed a strategic alliance for the production of nutritional supplements in the field of human sports nutrition.
The US was the largest market for nutritional supplements in 2010, followed by Western Europe and Japan.
Through its US subsidiary ACT (USA), Australian Cancer Technology ("AustCancer" ASX:ACU) has announced that its full range of revisys specialty nutritional supplements are available at the new Center for integrative Health, founded by Dr.
It is not unusual for dietitian Elizabeth Ward to discuss nutritional supplements with her clients many times in a day.
The Company is also the owner of Cinnergen[TM], a clinically-studied, non-prescription liquid whole food nutritional supplement that promotes healthy glucose metabolism (www.
The company is also is a distributor for Cinnergen(TM), a non-prescription liquid whole food nutritional supplement that promotes healthy glucose metabolism (www.
NeuroGenesis has been selling their nutritional supplement known as "beCALM'd" for over 22 years with no claims and no significant side-effects.
Cinnergen(TM) is a patent pending nutritional supplement with 0 calories, 0 grams of fat, 0 carbohydrates, and 0 grams of sugar.
At the forefront of this trend to promote healthier, faster brains is the Natrol Corporation, a recognized leader in the creation of cognitive nutritional supplements.
The pilot project served to establish the potential of Resurgex(R) as the nutritional supplement of choice to replace several industry-leading nutritional supplements currently in wide used in the long-term-care profession.
Distribution at such a large and reputable nutritional supplement retailer like GNC demonstrates the great potential Endothil has to become a very popular supplement in the fitness community," commented Diane Dottavio, President and CEO of Endovasc.
Recognizing this issue, Fertility Sciences has introduced ConceptionXR for Men, the first content-certified, physician-formulated nutritional supplement designed to help enhance male fertility.
Sales are ramping, with expectations to turn profitable by the end of this year; we have vastly improved our balance sheet and we are poised to take a pre-eminent position in the nutritional supplement market.
OTCBB:MBTG), a research-based nutraceutical company and a pioneer in the emerging field of specialized nutritional supplements for the medical market, today announced the results of a multi-center clinical trial that found the exclusive ingredient in its Resurgex(R) nutritional supplement, GliSODin(R), provided significant protection in individuals susceptible to flushing, burns, sun allergy, and other reactions such as pruritus, solar eczema and rashes resulting from UV radiation exposure.
For decades, politically connected elements in the pharmaceutical industry have worked in concert with the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to have nutritional supplements reclassified as "drugs," thereby bringing them under the government's regulatory control.
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