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an elementary particle with zero charge and zero mass

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When a woman registers for the Nutrino App, she opts to input her pregnancy status, individual health goals, dietary needs, food preferences, eating habits, and data collected automatically such as wearable device data on exercise, sleep and stress.
Responses are drawn from a Watson-derived analysis of the data stored in the Nutrino insight platform - which currently includes more than 500,000 foods and 100,000 sources - compared against the individuals' self-reported information.
For women interested in nutrition during pregnancy, the Nutrino App Powered by Watson is a unique resource to help them make informed decisions based on available peer-reviewed evidence," noted Dr.
Hear more about this news from Nutrino co-founder and chief science officer Yaron Hadad at the IBM THINK blog.
About Nutrino Nutrino has developed a data driven nutrition insights platform that leverages machine learning and optimization to offer consumers highly personalized, contextual and science based nutrition recommendations.