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god of fire and light

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ina asika in reference to Nusku (KAR 58:30 = UFBG Nusku 3).
d]ZALAG) ana bit marsi ina erebika, "When you enter into the sick man's house, 0 Lamp," which is in reference to Nusku (UFBG Nusku 2:5, Mayer 1976: 482; cf.
Perhaps significantly, Nusku was among the gods worshipped at Harran in northwest Syria by a largely Aramaic population, whose cults lasted into the early centuries C.
Yet it is quite difficult for us to escape this interpretive device, and Bahrani ultimately uses the inscription to explain the pedestal as a dedication to Nusku as a dream god, designating it a "magical religious object" associated with oneiromancy (p.
The morning having arrived, figurines would have been manufactured and presented to Nusku, the god of fire and light.
It would help the author's argument if the god Nusku had not already been a part of the putative original (short) version.
While Marduk, Sin, Nergal, Ninurta, and Nusku resided in small sanctuaries (ekurratu) in Uruk and its vicinity, Istar, Nanaya, and Beltu-sa-Res lived in various chapels of the Eanna temple itself.
Certainly, as Parpola tells us, Sin is characterized as mustalu "thoughtful, deliberative," but so, according to Tallqvist, are Assur, Enlil, Gilgamesh, Marduk, Nusku, Samas, Ninsubur and Gula