Nuphar lutea

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a water lily with yellow flowers

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The inflows of Vortsjarv are also rich in the macrophytes Phragmites australis and Nuphar lutea, which suppress riverine turbulence and create an undisturbed habitat for invertebrates as well as provide a substrate for many epiphytic algae (Piirsoo et al., 2007; Vesterinen et al., 2016).
Gopas, "Anti-inflammatory effect of a Nuphar lutea partially purified leaf extract in murine models of septic shock," Journal of Ethnopharmacology, vol.
plant macrofossils KIL-1 Schoenoplectus lacustris Nuphar lutea KIL-2 Schoenoplectus lacustris Najas marina Carex vesicaria KIL-3 Schoenoplectus lacustris, Betula pubescens KIL-3-2 Najas marina KIL-4 Betula alba, Populus tremula KIL-4-2 Najas marina KIL-5 Salix sp., Betula alba, Carex vesicaria KIL-6 Betula alba [sup.14]C sample Origin of plant No.
Leishmania major: antileishmanial activity of Nuphar lutea extract mediated by the activation of transcription factor NF-kappaB.
The vegetation in Group 1 was dominated by Fontinalis antipyretica (78% of the sites), Nuphar lutea (70%), and Sparganium emersum (70%).
Aims of the study: To determine the leishmanicidal activity of the Nuphar lutea plant extract against Leishmania major in vitro.
Other species not detected by fecal analysis included Cirsium spp., Rumex aquaticus, Senecio triangularis, and Nuphar lutea ssp.
Among the floating-leaved plants, Nuphar lutea and Nymphaea alba were most widely distributed along the western shore of L.