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Phragmites australis, Nuphar lutea, and the green macroalga Cladophora.
Gopas, "Anti-inflammatory effect of a Nuphar lutea partially purified leaf extract in murine models of septic shock," Journal of Ethnopharmacology, vol.
plant macrofossils KIL-1 Schoenoplectus lacustris Nuphar lutea KIL-2 Schoenoplectus lacustris Najas marina Carex vesicaria KIL-3 Schoenoplectus lacustris, Betula pubescens KIL-3-2 Najas marina KIL-4 Betula alba, Populus tremula KIL-4-2 Najas marina KIL-5 Salix sp.
California) y otras que se encuentran en zonas mas interiores del pais, como Elatine brachysperma, Nuphar advena, Potamogeton amplifolius, Sparganium americanum y Wolffiella gladiata.
NEW YORK A Marc Routh, Tom Viertel, Steven Baruch, Roy Ofer, Mayumana, Annette Niemtzow and Pamela Cooper presentation of a musical performance in one act, created and directed by Eylon Nuphar and Boaz Berman.
This mixed woodland and fallow pasture landscape is interspersed with farm ponds, moist-soil wetlands, and a Nuphar dominated beaver impoundment.
Nuphar is known from leaves in Trout Creek, Oregon, and possibly from Eastgate, Nevada.
Macrophyte growth is sparse in all lakes with the exception of small patches of Isoetes, Nuphar, and Sparganium.
Simulated standing stocks of labile vascular plant substrates, such as Nuphar luteutm and Ruppia inaritinia, tended to be higher in summer than in winter.
The second DCA axis was related to variation among cypress swamps: Open-canopied stands with a dense surface layer of Nuphar luteum (L.
In the water, Nuphar advena (yellow penal-lily), some potamogetons (pond-weed), Sagittaria variabilis (arrowhead), Sium lineare?
For example Gorman Creek has extensive stretches of cow lily pads Nuphar luteum, which provided cover for potential nest predators such as Lepomis Sunfish species that were commonly observed in these habitats.
Es igualmente interesante la propuesta de que existieron plantas acuaticas parecidas a grupos actuales como Nuphar o Salvinia, pero la comparacion morfologica detallada apoya que se trata de taxa extintos, a veces tambien reportados de otras partes del mundo (Estrada-Ruiz et al.
However a partially purified alkaloid fraction (NUP) extracted from Nuphar Lutea, exhibited leishmanicidal activity that was both directly cytotoxic to parasites and via activation of NF-[kappa]B of infected macrophages leading to elevated production of NO (Ozer et al.