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a branch of the Tai languages

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Patunay ito na ang matapang na solusyon at mabilis na aksyon kung saan nakilala ang ating Pangulo ay hindi lamang slogan nung panahon ng kampanya.
James Anderson's The rebel den of Nung Tri Cao examines the efforts in the eleventh century of a Tai-speaking leader by the name of Nung Tri Cao to carve out a sphere of authority for himself in the area of what is today the Sino-Vietnamese border, but which at that time was a frontier zone between regions under the control of the Chinese Song and the Vietnamese Ly dynasties.
Shen Nung, a renowned herbalist, decided to try the infusion that his servant had accidentally created.
Shen Nung documented theories about circulation, pulse, and the heart over 4,000 years before European medicine had any concept about them.
Chin Nung, justifying his choice of career, wrote that being a painter was just as honorable as being a farmer, but he constantly complained of his failure to win adequate recognition.
During his stay in Pyongyang, Kim will hold talks with Kim Yong Sun, chairman of North Korea's Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, Kang Nung Su, minister of culture, and Pak Myong Chol, chairman of the physical culture and sports guidance mission of the cabinet, among other officials, the ministry said in a statement.
At a reception held by Emperor Shen Nung, leaves from an evergreen shrub accidentally fall into boiling water.
From its accidental discovery by China's Emperor Shen Nung in 2737 B.
Kaya while shookt yung prof namin, shookt din kami as a class lalo na nung pumayag siya to move the deadline nung papers for her subject.
Natandaan ko lang po siya nung nakita ko yung picture niya kasi familiar siya sa akin (I wasn't able to recognize her when I saw her name.
Di kami pwede matalo dito kaya nung huli medyo na-pressure kami noong dumikit," Sanggalang shared.
Naisip ko na lang mag pa admit nung naalala ko na may CLEAN Gensan Family Card ako (I got sick but we don t have money for hospitalization because of financial constraints.
The rebel den of Nung Tri Cao; loyalty and identity along the Sino-Vietnamese frontier.