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Synonyms for numinous

Synonyms for numinous

of or concerned with the spirit rather than the body or material things

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evincing the presence of a deity

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The members of X Clan are more than rappers; they are educators who, by "making Godmusic in sync with the universe," (30) instruct their listeners about Pan-Africanism and African history, revolutionaries, ontology, and cosmology as well as the power of their numinosity.
What cannot be domesticated in reality is narrated in imagery and given purchase in the community as a numinosity made to yield energy through repetition and response.
Regardless of whether the Ru denied the existence of ghosts and spirits or merely denied their numinosity (perhaps something akin to what is described as the "perspicuity" of Heaven in this passage), or both, it is clear that the narrator in "Ghosts and Spirits" does not fit into such a mold.
If we are willing to suspend our insistence that we are merely physical beings who must maintain a concrete hold on the world, then we can be part of the numinosity that surrounds these synchronistic events.
If the balance between numinosity and narrativity is not maintained, the mythic potential of a text is usually reduced.
In every period of worship these things take on the numinosity of faith, each with its inherent worth abruptly revealed.
Though I'm not entirely convinced of the value of some of the later Dickey, this scholar certainly has made me take a new look at several of those poems, especially "The Eyebeaters" and "Pine"--works that, in the light of Kirschten's sensitive readings, gain a new spiritual numinosity and psychological force.
The selection of Paviland for such an event may, therefore, reflect the numinosity of the site - a sensation experienced by many at the present day who are able - at low tide - to view the cave as its prehistoric occupants did, from below on the plain, now drowned by the Bristol Channel, that existed when global sea-levels were low during the later Pleistocene [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 OMITTED].
As an instant turns into an eternal present, the sexual act, like a hierogamy, links heaven and earth in the numinosity of the moment.
and thereby gives profoundest numinosity to an Imagination that recovers, in a variety of guises, those we appear to have lost" (166).
But Larkin's poetry is in fact full of its own evasive mysticism and numinosity, its own Life Illusion.
The numinosity that can be projected by an unclaimed "other self" such as we see in Lorens Loewenhielm and the Dean's daughters is prominently featured in Dinesen's description of the sisters' attitude toward the Frenchwoman Babette who comes to live with them.
The delicate balance between numinosity and narrativity is used as basis for the analysis and evaluation of the texts.
In her book, Turning the Gorgon: A Meditation on Shame, Sandra Edelman examines the numinosity of shame.
The Benevolent Teacher:] "In spirit-writing the deity transmits its numinosity into the body of the medium and uses the medium's body to wield the phoenix brush and express its intentions.