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an inhabitant of ancient Numidia

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(2010): Stratigraphy, sedimentology and structure of the Numidian Flysch thrust belt in northern Tunisia, Journal of African Earth Sciences 57(1-2), p109-126
Roslyn Knutson links Jugurth with two of Shakespeare's Elizabethan tragedies, one performed probably in the early 1590s and the other at the Globe in 1599: "'Jugurtha' presumably recounted events in the life of the Numidian king, 160-104 BCE....
147-63) that this bronze represents Juba IL a member of the sometime royal Numidian house, installed (25 B.C.E.) by Augustus as client king of Mauretania.
If the film's narrative is often taken at face value as a thinly veiled apology for Italy's colonial war in Libya, likewise the film's hero--the slave Maciste--has been described variously by Cabiria's critics as "black" or "Numidian," thereby reducing the character's artificial darkness to a transparent indicator of his fictional provenance.
The untold story of his epic exploits against the Roman Empire was the African Numidian Horsemen, the skilled javelin throwing mercenaries from Numidia, present day Algeria.
A Numidian Berber from Madaurus (now M'Daourouch, Algeria).
Syphax takes its name from the Numidian warrior Syphax and is based out of Sfax, the country's second largest city.
On his right flank were the Numidian horsemen whom he knew he could rely upon to scatter the Roman cavalry.
The Romans left 15,000 in Carthage, and the Carthaginians were able to evict this force using the skills of Spartan general Xanthippus, who reorganized the infantry and combined them with war elephants and Numidian cavalry.
A crossroads of the Mediterranean, Moslem and African worlds, Algeria inherited a number of Numidian and Roman sites, (in the east of Mauritania, in Aures and in the north of Numidia), as well as Christian and Islamic sites and buildings.
There are also ship's bells from the Braemar Castle, Vila Do Porto and Numidian, a sextant presented to the school by the North East Ship Lovers Society, and rolls of honour boards from the two world wars.
The Sejnane zone in the NE is the most attractive area with a non tested petroleum system consisting in Boudabbous fm Ypresian limestones and Abiod fm Upper Cretaceous as reservoirs, sourced form 4 proven Source rocks: the base of the Numidian Flysch unit, the Boudabbous fm itself, the Paleocene El Haria fm shales and the Cenomanian-Turonian Bahloul fm.
The learned tomes that graced the shelves of the city's libraries, with the exception of the famous Carthaginian agricultural treatise by Mago which was spirited back to Rome, were dispersed among the local Numidian princes who had aided Rome in their war of extermination against Carthage.
At one point, Molosso declares his origins in Africa when he refers to their 'Numidian breasts' in his death speech (H4v).
Carlyle, an 1899 account tells us, "made it possible to behold the Protector as a compound of the tenderness of a woman and the fierceness of the Numidian lion" (Church 460).