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(mathematics) the branch of mathematics that studies algorithms for approximating solutions to problems in the infinitesimal calculus

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i] obtained by numerical solution of the integral equation (6) and calculations by the formula (7) will be called approximate, and using (9) - (11) - exact.
The numerical solution of the power system equations can be improved by means of Richardson extrapolation which is an efficient technique for enhancing the accuracy of integration schemes [15].
An approximate approach, namely, the reduced differential transform method was applied to obtain numerical solution.
2009) solves the solidification process in a semi-infinite domain, considering a Stefan model, while the numerical solution solves the solidification process in a finite domain, considering the effective heat capacity approach.
Numerical solution converges to the exact solution with the increase in the number of points N x N for N = 5, 7, 13, 25, 49 as shown in Fig.
The maximum error at time t = 1 between the exact solution and the numerical solution and finite difference method [27] at different values of [DELTA]x and [DELTA]t is shown in Table 1.
This paper is concerned with the development of fast iterative methods for the numerical solution of linear partial differential equation.
In this paper we introduce and analyze a modified Tau method for the numerical solution of the Abel integral equation
The proposed study method is the variables separation method finding thus an original solution which is compared with the numerical solution obtained by finite difference method.
Much of his work is concerned with analysis and computational simulation in solid and fluid mechanics and concerns the development of mathematical models of material behaviour, analysis of these models, and the construction and implementation of algorithms for their numerical solution.
The earlier book concentrated on the analysis of numerical methods applied to model equations, while the new book concentrates on algorithms for the numerical solution of the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations.
A technique for the numerical solution of certain integral equations of the first kind, J.
Also, since one of the authors is a leading expert on particle scattering, there is an excellent discussion of the theory of scattering by both spherical and nonspherical particles that includes the latest numerical solution methods and many examples of scattering phase functions for different kinds of particles.
The aim of this paper is to introduce a new method for the numerical solution of the following class of singular boundary value problems
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