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The region-based labeling scheme [12] is another numbering scheme.
The distinctive cursive script of the capital "N" easily distinguishes this numbering scheme.
The second set of three N's, moving to the left in the numbering scheme, shows that there can be up to 256 subnets.
BIM objects are typically organized within a BIM authoring tool into catalogs, parts lists and libraries that classify and sort the objects according to an industry standard filing or numbering scheme such as the Construction Specifications Institute's (CSI) MasterFormat or OmniClass (2) numbering systems.
A numbering scheme can be the key to automatic application and reconciliation.
Each system maintains its set of data in an application-specific format, enforces a different level of minimum requirements and typically uses its own numbering scheme to assign identifiers to the patient.
With this release onwards, the version numbering scheme is simply to increment the minor version number for each release, and the patch number for each patch release, so after 3.
After analysis by the researchers it was concluded that 2002 TX300 (also known as 55636 in the numbering scheme of asteroids and other small bodies in the solar system) was much smaller than had first been thought.
The association feels introduction of 11- digit numbering scheme will ease out the pressure of telecom firms.
Here I use a provisional numbering scheme for the periodic SOHO objects, as none has yet been introduced by the IAU.
We propose a new structure-encoded sequence with the Durable numbering scheme [1] to support dynamic data insertion and deletion.
For example, in one passage (in W155 according to Allen's numbering scheme, PT222, Pyr [section]205b in Sethe's), Allen renders "provided as Seth, whose (raw) testicles were pulled off" where Faulkner translates this as "being equipped as Seth who broke forth violently," while my own translation is "having been equipped as Seth, being refreshed and rejuvenated.
While this numbering scheme leaves a time gap in the run of the journal, it avoids the bibliographic confusion that results when articles are published in one year but backdated to a prior year.
The only departure from the numbering scheme are the MaxxForce DT engines, reflecting the long heritage of International's DT-466 diesels.
Australian telecomms companies are calling for a new dedicated numbering scheme for VoIP services, but the companies have yet to agree over the technical details, and smaller carriers are worried that the scheme could be uncompetitive.