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a space that contains no points

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N] spans the nullspace of H and is the orthogonal complement of [V.
F] is its Frobenius norm; tr(A) is its trace, span (A) is its column space, null(A) returns nullspace vectors of column space of A, eig(A) is any eigenvector of A, O(A) consists of the orthonormal basis vectors that span the column space of A; [I.
By using an orthogonal projection P whose nullspace is Z the Krylov space solver is then applied only to the orthogonal complement [Z.
1]Z that has previously been proposed in [15, 17], and we solve the preconditioned reduced nullspace system
WHITE, Substructuring methods for computing the nullspace of equilibrium matrices, SIAM J.
Moreover, deriving a conforming approximation of the nullspace (2.
As it will be seen in Section 2, the use of algebraic methods will allow us to formulate the problem of inversion in terms of the computation of the nullspace of a Sylvester matrix of order l and rank l - 1, a task which for accuracy reasons is carried out by using the singular value decomposition.
However, block l-l =1-1 contains the grad-div operator [nabla][nabla]*, whose nullspace consists of divergence-free functions.
t] denotes the transpose, Ker is the nullspace, and Im is the range.
i)] is the projection matrix of the nullspaces of class i and P is the projection matrix of the subspace of the total scatter matrix.