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the number of arguments that a function can take

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Replace each atom R([Xi], [Chi]) by a new unary atom [R.sub.[Xi],[Chi]](x) or nullary atom [R.sub.[Xi],[Chi]].
Using fresh unary predicate variables E*,*, [E*.sup.,y, [E.sup.y,*] and a nullary predicate variable [E.sup.y,y] replace the seven atoms in [Psi] with atoms
We assume that the alphabet [Sigma] contains some primitive symbols, including at least the nullary constructor true and a binary equality function symbol, say =, written in infix notation, which allows us to interpret equations s = t as terms, with s, t [is an element of] [Tau] ([Sigma] [union] V).
For example, the program may use nullary intensional predicates BAD and GOOD to make this determination, as follows:
[3] introduced an algebra (X; *, [less than or equal to], 0) with a binary operation * and a nullary operation 0.