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a warning that is given about something that fails to occur

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This new function helps improve process plant safety and console operator performance by minimizing nuisance alarms through automated analytics and recommendations.
(3.) "Ignore" or "Nuisance" (N): No action needed to a nuisance alarm. This includes recognizing that an artifact was sensed by the technology, such as movement of the sensor, surgical activity, or transient physiological change, as when a breathing tube is briefly but purposefully disconnected.
As with all perimeter security, choose a technology with the least possible nuisance alarms. Taut wire as developed by the Israelis or a Matrix Detection System as developed by Zarcba Security in the U.S.
Fortunately, systems today are smarter and more discriminating, and the nuisance alarm problem is a thing of the past.
A nuisance alarm is triggered by a known event, but not a security incident--for example, user error, propped doors, individuals exiting from an emergency door, an air conditioning or heating system activating a motion detector, or a person trying to use a mechanical key to enter a door controlled by a card reader,
Today's security manager can choose from a range of intrusion detection sensor technologies to address the spectrum of environmental conditions, site constraints, nuisance alarm considerations, and federal and state regulations.
"It has reduced our false and nuisance alarm rates dramatically," says Jones, who adds that another advantage of the M-field is its low need for maintenance.
A change in the way the system is used can introduce nuisance alarm sources into the facility.
Just what constitutes a false or nuisance alarm, and how can they be avoided?
Strainsensitive cable sensors are extremely effective, offering a high probability of detection and a low nuisance alarm rate in a cost-effective package.
These detectors have wide application in the nuisance alarm prone environments found overseas.
These nuisance alarms required operators to unproductively respond to hundreds of active alarms to identify and respond to those significant to the operation.
The Home Depot merchants worked directly with Kidde to make sure this alarm includes everything residents need--it detects both smoke and carbon monoxide, uses a sealed lithium-ion battery that lasts 10 years and features a Smart Hush button that temporarily silences nuisance alarms. It can even be connected to smartphones so residents can receive alerts while away.
Honeywell's Xtralis Vesda-E VEP offers improved detection performance - one and a half times greater sensitivity than Vesda VLP, up to six times better dust rejection to minimize nuisance alarms, saving building owners significant potential costs from fire department calls.
Unfortunately, monitoring devices are also notorious for causing excessive nuisance alarms and constant noise that result in failure to detect true changes in patient status (Bonafide et al., 2015).