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Synonyms for nugget

Synonyms for nugget

an irregularly shaped mass of indefinite size

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a solid lump of a precious metal (especially gold) as found in the earth

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The random-shaped gold nugget is about 23 centimeters long, 18 centimeters on its widest side and 8 centimeters at its thickest.
Regarding the textural properties of the nuggets, the investigators found no clear relationship between peak force, starch source or amylose content.
org/) Associated Press , individuals found gold nuggets during the 19th century Gold Rush days in California.
The suggested retail price for the 16-ounce package, containing about 36 nuggets, is $9.
The new package contains about 36 chicken nuggets made with farm fresh chicken that was raised humanely and never administered antibiotics, unlike other brands that are labeled natural, but still use antibiotics.
A new protein multigrain nugget--SUPRO[R] Nugget 173--uses patent-pending technology to combine soy protein and the grains of rice, oat and barley.
Josh Kroenke, the 30-year old son of Stan Kroenke, who was forced to give up the Colorado Avalanche and Nuggets after taking over full control of the St.
The Nuggets took their best shots at the Lakers in the fourth quarter.
Smith scored 16 of his 19 points in the fourth quarter and the Nuggets recovered from blowing an early 20-point lead to beat the Boston Celtics 114-105 yesterday.
Production of iron nuggets, which are used in steelmaking, will gradually increase in accordance with operating conditions and is anticipated to reach the facility's annual design capacity of 500,000 metric tons in mid-2010.
Student Carla, 20, was just two when her family discovered chicken nuggets was the only meal that did not make her feel violently sick.
Instead of having to go through many steps to isolate a metal from rock, early people could have used gold nuggets that were just lying around.
Who would have thought that a demonstration of exactly how nuggets are made and what really goes into them would make for compelling prime-time television, but it has Jamie has taken it upon himself to wage war on our school dinners and very successful he is too.
The company is seeking the appropriate air permits to produce the alternative iron nuggets at its Butler mill and in Silver Bay, Minn.