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CocoaPods and NuGet, make the initial SDK download and updates seamless so our developers can spend less time managing their projects and focus their creative energies on building scalable solutions.
Goes into theory as well as practical application and covers such topics as Razor, NuGet (PowerShell inside Visual Studio 2010), and new layout features
This new version of CLM provides unprecedented visibility across development teams working with Java, NPM, and NuGet open source components.
1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Sonatype, a software company that enables developers to easily build software applications while significantly reducing security, compliance, and licensing risks, today announced free NuGet package support through its open source component manager C Nexus OSS.
In addition to expanding NuGet support from the paid version of Nexus Professional to also include Nexus OSS, Sonatype is also the first to deliver critical security vulnerability and license risk data for NuGet packages to the.
js to other technologies, such as Java, Yum, NuGet and Ruby.
In addition to being marketer friendly, Appboy has strived to make integration easy by publishing its internal libraries to NuGet.
Jeff Handley, Microsoft's development lead for WCF RIA Services and NuGet (another Outercurve Foundation open source project), is managing Microsoft's contributions to Open RIA Services.
The code formatting tools and ability to convert code to LINQ expressions comes in handy," said Phil Haack, project leader of Outercurve's NuGet package management system.
net's admittance into Outercurve also clears the way for a major new update release and distribution via the Foundation's NuGet package updating system.
1 with Entity Code First now built in for easier database Web solution development, and expanded NuGet capabilities for finding and installing community components.
NuGet is a free, open source developer-focused package management system for the .