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ctenophores lacking tentacles

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If you intend doing this to a standard Nuda, remember to recalibrate the speedo or you'll get a nonsense reading
Nuda would be an extremely comfortable road bike if it weren't for the hard seat, which harks back to dirt bikes but which you really don't want on a naked machine
This would make the Nuda an extremely comfortable road bike if it weren't for the hard seat, which also harks back to dirt bikes, but which you really don't want on a naked machine
Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus: yesterday's rose endures in its name; we hold empty names (Haft 176).
The unnamed madonna of the sonnet retains her drappo but it no longer has a color, certainly not the trisyllabic sanguigno; nor of course is anything said of her body being nuda.
To allow inclusion of the new thelodont taxa from the Canadian Arctic in these works, to avoid numerous possible synonyms or nomina nuda in the literature, and to enable other researchers currently working with arctic microvertebrates to use these taxonomic names, we here validate the taxa described more fully in the monograph.
They regarded the remainder of historically defined form s as synonyms of the 5 they recognized, as nomina oblita, nomina dubia, nomina nuda, inorganic or assignable to alternative ichnogenera (Pemberton and Frey 1982, pp.
Comparison of twentieth-century sacramentalism, then, with the dominant nuda signa theology of the nineteenth, is sufficient to show that development has clearly taken place.
Umberto Eco, in Postscript to The Name of the Rose, argues that good titles must "muddle the reader's ideas, not regiment them," and he explains that he decided on The Name of the Rose because of the polysemy of the word "rose" in our culture: readers would be "disoriented," they would be "unable to choose just one interpretation," and for most of them the latin verse that ends the book ("Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus") would not "clarify the text retrospectively" (3).
Artists: Shay Kun, Mia Liu, Brion Nuda Rosch, Tahiti Pehrson and Bernardo Poggi Leigh Dates: Wednesday, July 12 - August 26
Counting the valid species and subspecies is arduous and problematic because some names are nomina nuda (unavailable) and others appear to be in taxonomic "limbo.
Lo era soprattutto poiche la vicenda si sviluppava senza edulcoramenti: nulla vi era se non la nuda storia di un giovane inadatto agli ambienti cittadini, al quale si domandava di sapersi destreggiare in fretta tra funzionari e impiegati della metropoli, raschiando cosi la mitopoiesi romana deU'"arrangiarsi": "la posizione
Fin qui nessun problema: solo che nella pagina a flanco di quest'ul tima si trova un disegno a pastello raffigurante una donna nuda che giace in posa languida con gli occhi socchiusi (18.
5 - May 12 Brion Nuda Roush: Sculpture and Paintings
Then there''s BMW with its updated S1000RR superbike and C 600 S and C 650 GT maxi-scooters, Husqvarna with its new 900cc Nuda, MV Agusta and its stunning F3 supersport machine, Kawasaki''s new big capacity Versys all-rounder, while Yamaha will be celebrating 50 years of GP racing at the show.