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procaine administered as a hydrochloride (trade name Novocain)

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He said the Novocain would wear off and answer my question.
It was time to move out on my own since I had some ideas that I had been having to pull teeth with no Novocain to get adopted," said Brown who also made claims that the network made no attempts to advertise the program.
Walker (2008) tells of going to a dentist to have teeth removed when this second, tougher persona took over and led him to refuse novocain or another anesthetic drug to numb the pain.
25% solution of Novocain with addition of one drop of adrenaline on each 10 ml of a solution is locally injected under mucous, or exactly, under periosteal-perichondrium on all nasal septum and the bottom of nose.
Maybe it's because the Novocain hadn't yet worn off or perhaps reality of how important this almost free healthcare service is to them kicks in.
AN HOUR LATER I SPILLED OUT OF THE CHAIR and staggered out to confront the receptionist: the Novocain, the harsh penetrative glare of the focus light, the unsettling feeling of hands and implements in my mouth tampering with small body parts, Neil's long, heated lecture on the evils of the inheritance tax ("The Death Tax is an assault on human decency
I often ask patients with high hypnotic ability to tell me if they had ever just sat in a dentist's chair and "spaced out" and not bothered with Novocain.
Dental students practice their Novocain injections on each other.
One prominent Canadian singer once described the work to me as "French Novocain.
Therefore, use of Novocain during dental procedures or use of other anesthetic agents, including benzocaine, tetracaine, and lidocaine, should not cause false-positive cocaine test results in urine DOA testing.
Sources said that the cocaine was cut with rat poison as well as Novocain - used by dentists to freeze patients' gum.
In fact, a gene that has been isolated proved that redheads do not respond to the Novocain drug, and that they need up to a 20 percent larger dose to escape the pain of visiting a dentist.
I always knew that DeWayne was tough, but one time he came back from the dentist and he had several teeth fixed but without Novocain, because he needed to be able to talk to his distance runners at practice and would have had difficulty if his mouth was numb," said Gillespie.
Although there is no functional equivalent of "deposition Novocain," these preparation tips may render the adjuster's testimony experience as pain-flee as possible.
she asked in a slurry voice, her lips still numb from the Novocain.