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procaine administered as a hydrochloride (trade name Novocain)

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One buck in particular, a senior citizen 8-point, acted like he'd had Novocain injected into his brain.
That's the same Buddhist who never took Novocain when he had teeth extracted because he wished to transcend dental medication.
It was 1905, a year when the anesthetic novocain was introduced, Albert Einstein was working on the theory of relativity and Ty Cobb made his professional baseball debut with the Detroit Tigers.
I'm under my sheets in weekend-old clothing trying to turn myself into Novocain.
HN Patricia Asvec gives a Filipino villager a shot of novocain prior to a tooth extraction during a 7th Fleet medical civic action program.
Robert Doran of Ames, Iowa, noticed that his dentist would rub Hurricaine gel (20% benzocaine onto his gums before injecting Novocain.
One consequence is a species of logical anesthesia--not numbing, like Novocain, but giddy-making, like laughing gas.
Horton, unrepentant, then mentions the Buddhist who refused his dentist's Novocain during root canal activity 'cause he wanted to transcend dental medication.
said the attending surgeon, as the resident sucked out my spinal fluid with a syringe, then stuck another needle between the vertebrae at the base of my spine and shot me full of Novocain.
But if you're like most camp directors, you'd rather have your teeth drilled without Novocain than start on it.
If you delay too long, April 15 could hit you like a root canal without Novocain.
Recommendations range from Novocain and laughing gas to stereo headphones, video glasses with movies and Sedation Dentistry (sedating patients during their dental appointment).