Nova Zembla

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two islands in the Arctic Ocean belonging to Russia

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And now from Cape Horn to Nova Zembla, and from Canton round to Canton again, there were factories and workshops and industrial resources.
In Brooklyn Heights, Lost City reported a bunch of closings on Atlantic Avenue including Nova Zembla furniture store, Mezcals, the longstanding Mexican restaurant, La Pizzetta, which is temporarily closed.
Depicted on a 28 piece service is the historical winter spent on Nova Zembla in 1596-97 by Willem Barentsz--a milestone in the history of Holland.
BRING vibrant red clusters of trumpet flowers with Nova Zembla rhododendrons for only pounds 4.
Reynolds, one editor gloriously scolded the sinner thus: "Even the frosts of America are incapable of cooling your blood and the eternal snow of Nova Zembla would hardly reduce you to common propriety.