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a native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia


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Equally fittingly, in 2010 Francis invoked royal prerogative and granted Canada's first posthumous pardon to Viola Desmond, a black Nova Scotian who, in 1946, insisted on sitting in the whites-only section of a New Glasgow movie theatre.
Vocalist, Nova Scotian Bruce Guthro, who is himself celebrating 15 years with the band, said: "It's been a privilege to have played a part in this incredible journey.
If you showed the slightest interest--and sometimes if you showed no interest at all--she would speak with encyclopedic detail on the history of the Titanic, the Halifax explosion, the Bluenose I and II, Nova Scotian land grants from various kings, United Empire Loyalists and her favourite: tracing our roots to the Hector, a sailing ship of modest dimensions that left Scotland in July of 1773, with 23 families and 25 single men from the Scottish Highlands, and arrived late in September, hungry and bruised, to Pictou, Nova Scotia.
The four included: the Canadian premieres of Marc Blitzstein's 1930 satirical The Harpies and American composer Steven Serpa's 2010 pastoral opera for countertenor and soprano, Thyrisis and Amaranth; the local premiere of the hilarious 1991 Canadian comic opera, Gisela in her Bathtub, by Neil Weisensel in its Nova Scotian premiere; and Ralph Vaughan Williams's moving 1937 tragedy, Riders to the Sea.
The associated economic spinoffs with these projects are significant as they exclusively involve Nova Scotian suppliers.
Other events include a "musical memoir" by Rosalee Peppard who portrays the only Nova Scotian to have survived the disaster, Hilda Slayter.
Directed and designed by Jim Morrow, who ranks among Canada's most esteemed puppetry creators, the triple-bill show incorporates evocative original music by Nova Scotian composer Steven Naylor, and innovative "black light" staging techniques which highlight Morrow's stunning puppets and props.
The whales we saw on our Nova Scotian boat trip, therefore, had an excuse for eating so much fish.
Lucier tracks the career of Nova Scotian Abraham Gesner (1797-1864), whose lifework included mineral geology, litigation over mineral identifications and patents, entrepreneurial ventures, and consulting.
Since many more ships sailed to and from Nova Scotia a century and a half ago than today, it would not have been absurd for locals to imagine that this man was born in faraway places, a pauper or prince, just as it would not have been impossible for a Nova Scotian to end up in them.
During the course of the conference delegates were treated to numerous examples of traditional Nova Scotian hospitality including a trip to Peggy's Cove, a reception at Province House, a dinner at Pier 21, Canada's Immigration Museum, and a musical performance by Drum
These include Tasmanian wakame, a dark green powder; Patagonian Porphyra, a dark red powder and Nova Scotian Ulva lactuca, a bright green powder.
Many African Nova Scotian mothers performed housekeeping or "day's work" for middle-class Halifax families.
Having served as MacIvor's unofficial theatrical home, Buddies in Bad Times is offering the 43-year-old Nova Scotian an appropriate end to this period in his career.
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