Nova Scotia

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a peninsula in eastern Canada between the Bay of Fundy and the Saint Lawrence River

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the Canadian province in the Maritimes consisting of the Nova Scotia peninsula and Cape Breton Island

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- Schooner "Gilbert Hope"; went astray in dory, Robert Beavon, 29, married, native of Pubnico, Nova Scotia."
Hawkins, alias Williams, 34, married, Shelbourne, Nova Scotia. "G.
The companies announced plans to put up their new plant in an industrial park at Kentville, in Nova Scotia, and expect to be processing chickens and turkeys from the group's Nova Scotia- and Prince Edward Island-based members by the spring of 2012.
injured Richard Vogler (Plaintiff), a Nova Scotia resident.
Congratulations to Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada!
The pipeline will be installed in the waters off Nova Scotia and will transport gas from the production platform to Goldboro, Nova Scotia, where it will enter the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline system.
Educators in Nova Scotia will help other provinces in Canada adopt the NASP.
John Hansen, piano professor at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, took over from Mrs.
Canadian addiction survey--Nova Scotia report : prevalence of alcohol and illicit drug use and related harms in Nova Scotia. Halifax : Nova Scotia Health Promotion and Protection, Addiction Services.
The governor of Nova Scotia acted with the agreement of his newly appointed head of court, with the cooperation of English Royal Navy and government, and in unity with the governor of Massachusetts who helped raise an army of two thousand soldiers and assembled a fleet of ships--including those of Boston merchant, John Hancock.
Now Planned Parenthood is pushing for "health clinics" in Nova Scotia's schools, attempting to skid through on worthy issues such as prevention of drug addiction--and never mentioning that what they are really doing is selling contraceptives, abortions and ideology to our children.
In New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, moose met a similar, although delayed, fate (Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, unpublished data).
Grand Pre's inhabitants were "Acadians," descendants of the French Canadian trappers and merchants who had settled Nova Scotia roughly a century and a half earlier.
In the past, this type of corporation could only be formed in the province of Nova Scotia; very recently, the province of Alberta passed legislation allowing ULC formation there, too; compare the Nova Scotia Companies Act to the Alberta Business Corporations Amendment Act (Bill 16, 5/17/05).
Nova Scotia has several new provincial nominee programs designed to attract businesspeople and skilled immigrants.
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