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an art movement in French cinema in the 1960s

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Nouvelle vague Dans le sillage de leurs aieux ou en rupture de ban, les nouveaux romanciers revendiquent une part de gloire litteraire.
Malle was as smitten by American Film Noire as his colleagues in the Nouvelle Vague.
Antoine de Baecque (La Nouvelle Vague 104-111) once took the characters of four New Wave films to show a "malaise in the face of History" between 1959 and 1963: Breathless, The Cousins, Le Combat dans Pile (Alain Cavalier, 1962), and The Fire Within [Le feu follet] (Louis Malle, 1963).
Nouvelle Vague, the platform that showcases up-and-coming French designers will exhibit in the Middle East for the first time as well, in collaboration with UAE-based designer Khalid Shafar.
Que ce soit avec des hommes politiques de tous bords, ou des chanteurs nouvelle vague des quartiers populaires .
La opcion de Linklater responde tambien a una tradicion cinematografica que nace del neorrealismo Italiano y deriva en la nouvelle vague francesa.
The film is a classic example of the French Nouvelle Vague style, complete with the director's signature jump cuts.
And with the cinematic excellence that his films offer, he is now the Rennaisance film-maker of India, much on the lines of the French Nouvelle Vague and Indian New Wave Cinema of the 60s and 70s.
In realta, visto che le formule Nuovo Cinema Italiano, Nouvelle Vague e Junger Deutscher Film si riferivano ad una scuola, non esistendo piu da molto tempo un scuola italiana, devo escludere nella maniera piu assoluta che oggi esista un Nuovo Cinema Italiano.
Breathless (50th Anniversary edition) RE-ISSUE of Jean-Luc Godard's seminal 1960 thriller, one of the first examples of nouvelle vague cinema, remade some years later as the misfiring Richard Gere vehicle Breathless, with on-the-run lovers Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg putting in wonderful performances.
Mistral is a soft pink, Nouvelle Vague a quirky turquoise, while Riviera is a vivid pink.
The 17th Sziget festival officially started yesterday, with almost 200 international performers taking part, including such mainstream acts as Lily Allen, Fatboy Slim and Nouvelle Vague, or world music by Calexico and Khaled.
Ted was the first designer of the nouvelle vague [new wave]," Lapidus's sister, Rose Torrente-Mett, said.
Desde o pos-guerra, a Nouvelle Vague francesa revolucionando esteticamente o cinema e o neo-realismo italiano e o Free Cinema Britanico mostrando uma Europa quase terceiro-mundista, o movimento norte-americano contra a Guerra do Vietna,os hippies americanos "instituindo" uma contra-cultura.