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(Persian) the new year holiday in Iran and Azerbaijan and Afghanistan and Pakistan and parts of India and among the Kurds

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After shooting Fatima in the head, Nouroz also shot himself in the head and died.
Daddy, mummy, sorry you people want me to marry with someone else but I just want Fatima to be my wife, which is not acceptable for you," Nouroz, wrote in English in his suicide note.
Both the lovers were students of the 10th grade and living in the same house as the Nouroz parents were the tenants of the house.
Sorry, I know that you love me a lot but papa I love Nouroz too much that is why I am committing suicide, because I know that you would not let me own Nouroz," Fatima wrote in her note.
In a post script, Nouroz expressed his last wish and asked his parents to bury him next to Fatima's grave.
The official further confirmed that Pakistan army and scouts launched operation soon after and recovered the bodies of a student of 9th grade Mubashir S/O Nouroz, residence of Susoom along with a passerby Rehmat S/O Adina, also from Susoom village, Karimabad.
Embassies of Iran, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan also held different stalls where they exhibit the traditional dresses, decoration pieces, photographs and national foods to present that how Nouroz Day is celebrated in their respective countries.
This land suffered many pains that began from Sardar Nouroz Khan.
He also took names of Balochistan leader Nouroz Khan, who was hanged with his sons in Sukkur central Jail, Akbar Bugti who was killed by Frontier Corpse personnel and nobody could see his face during his funeral.