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a clause in a complex sentence that cannot stand alone as a complete sentence and that functions within the sentence as a noun or adjective or adverb

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The former follows the verb PRAY directly, and the latter acts as the subject of the noun clause introduced by THAT and constituting the object of the preceding finite verb (examples 33-7).
They use one noun clause to represent the line's being shifted and a second noun clause to represent the line's being modulated.
For example, is a sentence that has an adjective clause contained within a noun clause that functions as the direct object of the independent clause more clausally intricate than a sentence that has three independent clauses linked in a series?
As it seems doubtful whether the could introduce noun clauses, the first explanation is perhaps to be preferred.
Sentence 1 that as an adverb (p); 3 et alia introductory But (p); 4 has yielded (e); 5 being proofreaders (e); 10 et alia where introducing a noun clause (p); 11 expletive (p); 16 dangler (?
Syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of mood in Spanish noun clauses.
In fact, he nearly parodies how free verse works, heavily enjambing lines between articles and noun clauses or prepositions and their objects, ending lines on conjunctions and breaking infinitives in two.
This is confirmed by the fact that noun clauses cannot occur as subjects in interrogatives, as the following example shows (Huddleston 1989: 64):
As do infinitives such as in |4~ and |17~, noun clauses fly like flags from towers: |1~, |8~, |37~, for example.
In the lay text, almost half (49%) of the subordinate clauses are noun clauses.