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a clause in a complex sentence that cannot stand alone as a complete sentence and that functions within the sentence as a noun or adjective or adverb

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The former follows the verb PRAY directly, and the latter acts as the subject of the noun clause introduced by THAT and constituting the object of the preceding finite verb (examples 33-7).
They use one noun clause to represent the line's being shifted and a second noun clause to represent the line's being modulated.
There is a difference between saying "Rembrandt fashioned himself" and "Rembrandt fashioned his self": the reflexive pronoun in the first predicate has merely deictic force, whereas in the second, the noun clause has referential force and implies commitment to an entity, the self.
Similarly, in Quechua the use of illocutionary force clitics ("validators"), which is possible in verbal sentences and even obligatory in nonverbal sentences lacking a copula, is excluded in noun clauses (Cole 1982: 165).
In fact, he nearly parodies how free verse works, heavily enjambing lines between articles and noun clauses or prepositions and their objects, ending lines on conjunctions and breaking infinitives in two.