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one of a pair of fleshy appendages of a polychete annelid that functions in locomotion and breathing

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Notopodia are present but not enlarged posteriorly.
The first pair of branchiae emerges anterior to, rather than dorsal to, the notopodia.
Region A with 9 segments, compressed so notopodia project anteriorly under prostomium, forming an arch running dorsoventrally (Figs.
However, according to Blake (2000) all the species bearing stomach papillae and lacking modified spines on thoracic notopodia should be assigned to Orbinia and the type material of the species referred to Scoloplos should be carefully examined in order to evaluate the transfer of these species to Orbinia.
Spermathecae located dorsally on posterior surfaces of each notopodia on segments 10-12 (Fig.
caymanensis Fauchald, 1977 -Parapodial rami short; eyes variable; areas VII-VIII variable 2 2(1) Anterior notopodia with three ligules 3 -Anterior notopodia with two ligules 4 3(2) Dorsal cirri shorter than superior notopodial ligule; areas VII-VIII with 5 cones; area V without cones N.
Notopodia and neuropodia are the dorsal and ventral rami, respectively, of the parapodia.