Nothofagus dombeyi

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Chilean evergreen whose leafy boughs are used for thatching

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35[grados]11'13"S- 70[grados]56'7"E, fogging s/ Nothofagus dombeyi (MACN).
Al oeste de los Andes, la reexpansion de la especie Nothofagus dombeyi, la disminucion de taxones termofilos en latitudes medias (Markgraf, 1983; Markgraf et al.
The increase of proline has been related to cold tolerance in Nothofagus dombeyi (Mirb.
Toward the west, rain forests are dominated by 40-45 m tall evergreen Nothofagus dombeyi and have dense understories of 3-6 m tall bamboo (Chusquea culeou).
In the western area of the Argentinean Andes, the montane slopes are dominated by tall forest of the evergreen Nothofagus dombeyi.
Similarly as in Schiaffini and Vila's (2012) study, they found that wild boar frequently uses Nothofagus dombeyi and N.
First, we provide a first detailed description of the globular stem galls caused by Aditrochus coihuensis Ovruski (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae), on the southern beech, Nothofagus dombeyi Blume.
1968--Fisionomia y sociologia de los bosques de Nothofagus dombeyi en la region de Nahuel Huapi--Vegetatio 16: 192-204.
Tambien en estos bosques esta presente el arbol que desarrolla mayor altura en el pais como es Nothofagus dombeyi, fagacea que tiene un amplio rango de tolerancia ya que crece en toda altura desde el nivel del mar hasta casi el limite superior de la vegetacion arborea en ambas cordilleras.
1986) observed that Asp, Glu, and Arg levels decreased in leaves of Nothofagus dombeyi Bl.
These species are Nothofagus pumilio, Nothofagus procera and Nothofagus dombeyi.
Specimens from Argentina, show that the larva of Calydon develops in Nothofagus dombeyi and N.