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your right in a promissory note in which the maker promises to pay a certain amount of money at a certain time

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The proposed regulations would change the long-standing ordinary-asset treatment applied to loans, accounts, and notes receivable purchased or originated by non-bank taxpayers.
For the twelve months ended January 3, 2010, net unrealized gains on notes receivable were $1.
Lakes had notes receivable from Indian tribes recorded at $63.
In advance of possible new accounting rules, which could be effective as early as 2009, Bluegreen intends to structure all future sales of notes receivable so they are treated as on-balance sheet borrowings.
0 million increase in estimated uncollectible vacation ownership interest ("VOI") notes receivable during the 2008 quarter compared to the same period last year.
Accordingly, as of December 31, 2006, the Pokagon Band notes receivable were adjusted to the negotiated participation price, which resulted in unrealized gains during the fourth quarter of 2006.
6 million related to the adjustment to fair value of notes receivable from the Shingle Springs Tribe due to favorable events occurring during the third quarter of 2006.
Also contributing to unrealized gains on notes receivable during 2006 were unrealized gains related to the casino development project with the Shingle Springs Tribe, near Sacramento, California.
The Staff recommended changes to the Company's accounting treatment associated with its acquisitions of three retail licensee operations in fiscal 2005 and its classification of certain notes receivable activity in the statement of cash flows.
CSI Business Finance provides equipment leasing, factoring, purchase order financing, notes receivable purchasing and other forms of secured business lending to micro-cap public and private companies throughout the United States.
As a result of the 2006 Term Securitization, Bluegreen Timeshare Finance Corporation I, the Company's wholly-owned, special purpose finance subsidiary, may transfer additional notes receivable for a cumulative purchase price of up to $137.
The company ended the 2006 quarter with cash and notes receivable totaling $13.