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put into notation, as of music or choreography

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The Beauchamp-Feuillet system proved quite robust, adaptable to the styles of different choreographers and notators over the course of the 18th century.
Included in the critical apparatus for each example are a description of the piece itself, including cultural and geographical provenance and functional category; the date of first publication, and transcription or notation where applicable; the bibliographic source; the type of process that the score represents (transcription, arrangement, composition); a brief description of the process, including whether transcribed from a recording or live performance if that information is known; biographical information about the transcriber, notator, or commentator, and singers; reason for selection; comments and critical notes.
The first describes the construction of the two manuscripts, beginning with a physical description of each; devotes nearly fifty pages to the work of [Sigma], beginning with the context and date of his activity and continuing with his work as a text scribe, notator, and collector; and then discusses the contributions of later scribes.
On the other hand, some observers feel that educational activities, which include notator training and adapting Laban principles to computers, should be assigned to educational institutions, such as the DNB Extension for Education and Research at the Ohio State University.
Drawing on his experience of playing for these ballets as they were staged at venues across the country, examining them with key figures (Boelzner and Principal Conductor Hugo Fiorato on the musical side at New York City Ballet; Balanchine ballerinas Jillana, Maria Tallchief, and Merrill Ashley on the terpsichorean side), watching archival footage and poring over Balanchine-approved, Labanotated scores with notator Tina Curran, Matjias will produce documents as rich in text and counsel as in melody.
Even a professional dance notator is unlikely to have a score of that particular production.
Conversely, the "performer" will be able to generate a rough Labanotation score that can be refined by a notator.
For the first time, career alternatives such as dance librarian, notator, and stage lighting designer are profiled.
(I should explain that I'm using the term, choreologist, to mean a dance notator who uses the Benesh system.) It has been my experience that, given half a chance, people are fascinated by dance notation - by the concept of its being able to write movement, its mechanics, the possibilities it provides.
Being a notator is a challenging and exciting career.
And it bothers me because, as a notator, I respect the literature of the field.
During the rehearsal she watched the stage intently and conferred on easy terms with Wendy Walker, the Benesh notator who works with the MacMillan repertoire at ABT, and ABT ballet mistress Georgina parkinson, who looks after it, as well as with director Kevin McKenzie, assistant director Ross Stretton, and the lighting people.
Barrett conducted a longitudinal ethnographic study of children aged four to six years in two schools in Tasmania and looked at their early music making as composers, song makers and notators, over a period of two years.
Ziolkowski's aim is ambitious: "to seek to understand which texts were chosen for the notation of melodies, what can be known of the persons who composed, noted, consulted, and performed the melodies, how the melodies may have related to the form and content of the texts, what inspirations and analogues the composers, notators, and performers could have found for their activities, and why the notation ceases after a couple of hundred years in which it became widespread" (1-2).
The remaining performances presumably demonstrate what Treitler does not find in the singing of "Solesmes and their followers": "the vocal virtuosity, versatility, and sensuousness implicit in the written record made by notators of the Middle Ages" (p.