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French astrologer who wrote cryptic predictions whose interpretations are still being debated (1503-1566)

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Some say a number of Nostradamus prophecies unfolded as predicted, including the rise of Napoleon and Hitler, Kennedy's assassination, the infamous 9/11 terrorist attack, and the death of Princess Diana, thus giving him sufficient credence to merit serious attention.
Some people thought Nostradamus was a servant of evil, a fake, or insane, while many of the elite evidently thought otherwise.
French physician and astrologer Michel de Nostradamus had penned a verse prophesizing what some believers consider to be a forecast of the 2016 presidential election.
One does not know if Nostradamus had indeed foreseen the rise of Modi in India, but one of his more famous forecasts, the end of the world, seems to have gone wrong.
At the time Nostradamus was writing America had just been discovered.
Time of the Quickening: Prophecies for the Coming Utopian Age reviews cycles of history and prophecy from Nostradamus to Jeane Dixon and maintains that our current times of troubles represents not the end of the world, but the beginning of the Utopian Age.
Do you really think," asked Colin, "that Nostradamus was right - what's happening in the Middle East is the beginning of the end?
Nostradamus is a polarizing figure that divides the believers of mysticism and those who defend rational thought.
Was Nostradamus a magician or an ordinary man with a vision?
Nostradamus, bibliomancer; the man, the myth, the truth.
AT THIS stage even Nostradamus would struggle to predict what could happen when Cork face Kerry in championship football but the trends suggest backing the Rebels on home turf may pay rich dividends.
Bueno, al menos eso es lo que dicen las nuevas profecias que surgieron simplemente porque en el 2000 no paso nada, tal y como lo habia vaticinado Nostradamus.
Nostradamus would have loved this time of year, or not.
Author Grant Edwards thinks Nostradamus was a genius--just not in the way most people think.