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Oscillatoriacea, and Nostocaceae responded positively to pH increasing (i.e., alkalization) and negatively to nutrient enrichment.
Carl Sagan of the University of California, Berkeley, believes the best algae to drop on Venus are the blue-green algae (primarily of the Nostocaceae family).
flagelliforme (Nostocaceae, Cyanophyceae) en suelos arcillosos de regiones aridas del sureste espanol.
CYANOPHYTA Cyanophyceae Choroococcales Chroococcaceae Chroococcus limeticus (Lemm.) Chroococcus turgidus (Kuetz) Chroococcus dispersus (Lemm.) Merismopediaceae Merismopedia elagans (Smith) Microcystaceae Microcystis firma (Schmidle) Nostocales Nostocaceae Nostoc pruniforme (Ag.) Anabaena spiroides (Lemm.) Oscillatoriales Oscillatoriaceae Lyngbya limnetica (Lemm.) Lyngbya birgei (Smith) Oscillatoria agardhi (Gomont) Oscillatoria limnetica (Lemm.) HETEROKONTOPHYTA Chrysophyceae Synurales Synuraceae Mallomonas caudata (Ivanov) Mallomonas acaroides (Perry) Synura uvella (Ehr.) Chromulinales Dinobryaceae Dinobryon divergens (Imhoff) Dinobryon sociale var.
6.12 7.22 4.29 2.8 Spirulina laxissima 0 1.31 1.07 0 Order: Nostocales Family: Nostocaceae Anabaena spiroides 10.1 11.8 6.79 7 A.
rubescens De 4 4 2 3 Candolle A51 Oscillatoria subbrevis Schmidle 4 1 3 Familia Nostocaceae Dumont A1 Anabaena cf.