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Arbroath assistant boss Iain Campbell joked David Gold may have got a nosebleed from being so far forward as his second-half winner moved his side into a League One play-off spot.
Most nosebleeds stop at this point, but if not, do the same again, two minutes by the clock.
Similar to the psychic girl who gets nosebleeds when she uses her powers, the candle holder 'bleeds' through the nostrils as the candle on its head melts.
Rarely, recurring nosebleeds are a sign of an underlying disorder, such as high blood pressure, a bleeding disorder, or a tumour of the nose or of paranasal sinuses.
Explaining the reasons for nosebleeds, Dr Shaji Hydrose, general practitioner at Aster Medical Centre, said: "In summer, extreme heat in the atmosphere causes dryness in the thin lining of the nose and increases the chances of crusting.
DEFENDANTS' defense The physicians denied negligence and disputed the severity of most of the nosebleeds.
In a written statement issued yesterday, government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides said the president underwent nasal cauterisation following a nosebleed and was admitted to the specialised hospital in the afternoon where he remained overnight for purely precautionary reasons.
The extra nasal tooth was removed while the man was under general anaesthetic, after which the patient healed and stopped suffering nosebleeds around three months later.
Nosebleeds can be scary and embarrassing, but they're really common and usually no cause for alarm.
An island court yesterday jailed his heroin-addict attacker but cleared a hospital doctor of negligence for not spotting William's heavy nosebleeds were a sign of more serious injury.
A Your nose contains a large number of blood vessels, all of which can be ruptured and cause nosebleeds.
A Nosebleeds usually stop if you sit forward and press the fleshy part of your nose gently for 10 minutes.
Nosebleeds are a common problem and can originate either from the front of the nose or the back.
Clinical director of the Independent General Practice answers your medical queries Q My eight year-old son has been suffering from nosebleeds quite regularly for the past couple of weeks.
The best way to avoid nosebleeds is to talk with your doctor about treating the allergy that is causing the rubbing and picking.