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a protease inhibitor (trade name Norvir) used in treating HIV


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Abbott HIV drug, Kaletra, which is a combination of Norvir and another drug.
The Norvir case, like the academic periodicals example, presents a situation in which the boycotters' effort and influence are not restricted to forgoing purchases (writing prescriptions) but extend to withholding services from the target firm (supervision of clinical trials).
Table 1 Common Antiretroviral Drugs (14-16) Classification Generic Name Trade Name Nucleoside reverse Abacavir sulfate Ziagen transcriptase inhibitors Abacavir sulfate + Trizivir (NRTI) lamivudine + zidovudine Didanosine (ddl) Videx, Videx EC Lamivudine (3TC) Epivir Lamiudine + zidovudine Combivir Stavudine (d4T) Zerit Tenofovir disoproxil Viread fumarate Zalcitabine (ddC) Hivid Zidovudine (AZT, ZDV) Retrovir Non-nucleoside reverse Delavirdine mesylate Rescriptor transcriptase inhibitors Efavirenz Sustiva (NNRTI) Nevirapine Viramune Protease inhibitors (PI) Amprenavir Agenerase Indinavir sulfate Crixivan Lopinavir + ritonavir Kaletra Nelfinavir Viracept Ritonavir Norvir Saquinavir Fortovase Saquinavir mesylate Invirase Fusion inhibitors (FI) Enfuvirtide Fuzeon
December 2, 2003 (the day alter World AIDS Day): Abbott Laboratories raises the price of Norvir by more than 400% and ensures that its own boosted product, Kaletra, becomes the cheapest boosted PI on the market.
But the company's random-ized crossover trial in 48 HIV-negative volunteers who took Lexiva for two weeks with Nexium, and later for two weeks without, found that this did not happen, at least with the 20 mg dose of Nexium tested (the drug is supplied in 20 and 40 mg doses)--whether or not the Lexiva was "boosted" with a small dose of Norvir.
price of its anti-AIDS drug Norvir (generic name ritanovir) by 400 percent.
A 400% jump in the price of Norvir late last year led a number of AIDS treatment advocates to petition the National Institutes of Health to override the patent held by Abbott Laboratories, arguing that taxpayer dollars funded the development of the lifesaving medication.
Most recently, in January 2004, a citizens' group petitioned DHHS and NIH to exercise march-in rights and compel licensing to third parties of the patented HIV drug Norvir (ritonavir) after Abbott Laboratories abruptly raised the price of the drug more than 400 percent.
LOS ANGELES -- The predominantly gay Metropolitan Community Churches said it will join Vigils outside the office of a pharmaceutical giant to protest a 400 percent increase in the cost of the AIDS drug Norvir.
As the same time, the groups have also issued a call to all Canadians to boycott Abbott Laboratories' products wherever it is medically feasible until the drug company rescinds a 400 per cent price increase on Norvir or Ritonavir, which is an important HIV/AIDS drug.
We're one of the top performing health care companies in the world--with industry leading nutritional and pharmaceutical brands such as Similac, Ensure, Norvir and Kaletra.
Pls--Agenerase, Crixivan, Kaletra, Viracept, Norvir, Fortovase, Invirase
Twenty-two percent were currently taking Nelfinavir and 11 percent had taken the protease inhibitor in the past; 20 percent were currently taking Crixivan and 17 percent had taken it in the past; 12 percent had taken Norvir in the past and 9 percent were currently taking Norvir; and 9 percent reported that they had taken or were now taking Invirase.
5 mL liquid Norvir, 2 times a day Protease Special Instructions Inhibitor nelfinavir Take with a meal or a snack.