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(Persian) the new year holiday in Iran and Azerbaijan and Afghanistan and Pakistan and parts of India and among the Kurds

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Congratulating Noruz within the play and reciting Hafez's poetry asserts how the adaptation has been Iranicized.
However, while it was on the road to being recognized as a masterpiece of the intangible heritage and a major symbol of Iranian identity, ta'zie encountered a formidable rival, Noruz ("the new day"), which inaugurates the beginning of the year at the spring equinox.
Despite the affirmation by the American president in a recent statement that his administration did not give Israel a green light to attack the Iranian nuclear facilities, the talk about not leaving the door of negotiations with Iran open forever and the choice of this coming autumn as a deadline for receiving Iran's final response about the issue of the enrichment, all of the above is closer to Netanyahu's and Liebermann's stances than the "extended hand" to the Islamic Republic in the famous Noruz speech.
What follows is brave criticism of the Taliban (especially regarding their treatment of women), portrayed through the eyes of a young Afghan girl played by Nikbakht Noruz.
As Iranians on March 21 marked Noruz, the first day of the Iranian new year, Supreme Leader Ayat.
Journalists at Noruz believe the paper will soon be closed by the judiciary.
Noruz is the celebration of the Iranian New Year on the first day of spring, recognizing the rebirth of nature with rituals practiced for more than 3,000 years.
Celebration of Noruz is being held in Bishkek and other regions of Kyrgyzstan.
The region covers Bahregansar, Hendijan, Soroush and Noruz oil fields.
As the first ShahAbbas had left his throne in Isfahan and to related the trip suffering; and every two years traveled to this region and spent Noruz in this beautiful place.
21, "A land mine went off when civilians, celebrationg the Noruz Holiday, stepped on it, killing three and critically wounding one.
A Gigantic Pictures, Noruz Films production, in association with Lucky Hat Entertainment, Independent Television Service (ITVS).
Under the MOU the two sides are obliged to make the preparations for the insurance companies' cooperation within six months, told Noruz Kahzadi.
Noruz, a pro-reform newspaper, said the "illegal" ban would harm society and Iran's international standing.
I won't let revenge seekers turn our country into khanate and our people into slaves," Kyrgyzstan President Almazbek Atambaev said on March 21 at the concert in honor of Noruz.