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Synonyms for Northwest

the northwestern region of the United States

the direction corresponding to the northwestward compass point

Related Words

the compass point midway between north and west

a location in the northwestern part of a country, region, or city

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situated in or oriented toward the northwest

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coming from the northwest

Related Words

to, toward, or in the northwest

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The Northwest may never be a Bible Belt; however, northwesterners do and will respond to the gospel message.
Selling the BPA's transmission assets - 15,200 miles of lines, or three-quarters of the high-voltage transmission capacity in the Northwest - to a private entity would not benefit Northwesterners in any way.
Cannon Beach has long been popular with Portlanders, especially in July and August, when Oregon's ubiquitous rain clouds make way for what Northwesterners charitably call "sun breaks.
Just how wide is the gap between the fish consumption rate used in calculations and the amount Pacific Northwesterners actually eat?
7) Thus the arbiters of national culture centered on the Atlantic seaboard taught Old Northwesterners to devalue their distinctive culture, ignore "local virtues and achievements and look East for a more authentic and legitimate national culture" (xvii).
Consider Seattle Repertory Theatre's new Writers Group, which recently announced the five Pacific Northwesterners who will participate in its new two-year program: Emily Conbere, Vincent Delaney, Al Frank, Elizabeth Heffron and Stephanie Timm.
Americans see travel as a right--that's especially true of Pacific Northwesterners and Whatcom County tourism is heavily supported by regional travelers, she said.
Arctic-dwellers, Pacific northwesterners, the residents of the Great Plains and the peoples of the Atlantic coast all make an appearance.
And since Northwesterners are known for their environmentalism, the chain reinforced its connection to the area this year by deploying a team to clean public places with eco-friendly products and by distributing reusable grocery bags to decrease waste in local landfills.
By 1851 the numbers were less stark, down to 77 percent; however, over seven thousand British Mormons had left for America by 1850, and the numbers suggest that these individuals were overwhelmingly Northwesterners.
1) He ended his letter with the query, 'Where are the northwesterners when we need them?
For Northwesterners the disappearance happens before sunset, but even so, if the sky is good and clear you can find the Moon low in the south with the naked eye and Antares next to it with a telescope.
comrade of free northwesterners, loving their big proportions,/ Comrade of raftsmen and coalmen--comrade of all who shake hands and welcome to drink and meat" (Whitman 1982: 42-43).
Often, she's the only woman on an otherwise all-male crew, the only college-educated person, and--worse, at least in the minds of many Northwesterners resentful of recent wealthy invaders from the South--a Californian.
Yet the cultural, political, and religious battles being fought back East ultimately plagued Northwesterners as well.
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