Northwest Territories

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a large territory in northwestern Canada

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This agreement will improve access to home and community care and mental health and addiction services in the Northwest Territories.
Dolynny and Michael Ferguson, Auditor General of Canada and of the Northwest Territories, issued an invitation to the CCPAC and CCOLA members to attend the next conference, scheduled to take place in Yellowknife, from August 21-23, 2016.
Dominion Diamond Corporation (TSX:DDC)(NYSE: DDC), a Canada-based diamond mining company, has announced that Dominion Diamond Ekati Corporation, the operator of the Ekati Diamond Mine, has posted surety bonds with the Government of the Northwest Territories to secure the obligation under its Water Licence to reclaim the Ekati mine site.
Much like when Alaska became a state in 1959, apparently, devolution with the Northwest Territories has taken decades to accomplish, with the federal government of Canada transferring some powers over time, such as responsibility for everything except managing public land, water, and resources, which was finalized in April this year.
Known for its diamond reserves, mining and production of this precious stone increased 6% in the Northwest Territories in 2013.
Robert Hayes, senior vice-president of the Alberta and Northwest Territories division for personal and commercial banking, is spearheading the bank's expansion in the two territories.
When the Royal couple formally arrive in the region's capital, Yellowknife, they will join the premier of the Northwest Territories Floyd Roland, a former minor league ice hockey coach and player, for a game of "shinny" or street hockey and are expected to drop a puck or shoot a few penalties.
250 miles (400km) south of the Arctic Circle and in the heart of the wilderness, Yellowknife is the capital and largest city of the Northwest Territories.
Additionally, Aben will acquire a proprietary database owned by Eagle Plains and the right to certain potential prospecting permits in the Mackenzie Mountain area of the Northwest Territories.
She was a former president of the Advisory Council on the Status of Women in the Northwest Territories and founding President of the Native Women's Association of the Northwest Territories.
examining Diavik diamonds in the Northwest Territories.
This novel is set in the Northwest Territories of Canada in 1885 during the Northwest Rebellion, when the Metis attempted to set up their own nation.
the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut make up the board that will oversee the research network's strategic direction.
Robert Arthur Alexie sets his story in the western Northwest Territories, in the Mackenzie Mountains, which he calls the Blue Mountains.
This settlement included the creation of the new territory of Nunavut which was carved out of the eastern portion and central arctic portions of the former Northwest Territories.
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