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Synonyms for Northwest

the northwestern region of the United States

the direction corresponding to the northwestward compass point

Related Words

the compass point midway between north and west

a location in the northwestern part of a country, region, or city

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situated in or oriented toward the northwest

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coming from the northwest

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to, toward, or in the northwest

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This issue of the journal contains Sims's paper, as well as many of the other papers presented at the meeting, including one by Michael Kuykendall on the origins of Northwest Baptists; three papers on various ethnic groups by Chung-Yan Joyce Chan, Michitsugu (Mitch) Yokoi, and Martha Jean Mugg Bailey; a paper on the theological influences on Northwest Baptists by Stephen Stookey; and Bill Sumners' paper that points to books, collections, and other literature on Northwest Baptists available at the Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives.
Andy Liang, violin, Vancouver, WA, Northwest Division; Kathryn Gray, teacher
He's even captured the salute on celluloid: In a Northwest motivational video, "Walk Like an Egyptian," Dasburg and employees strut their stuff like ersatz sleepwalkers to the beat of a song by the Bangles, an all-female rock band.
AAR will perform heavy MRO and interior modifications on up to 15 Northwest Airlines 757s.
The former comprised the majority in the Northwest.
In its filing with DOT, Northwest Airlines declared that its "Detroit hub wins hands down" for the new service, saying it will provide better connections than others, "especially DFW which is absurdly circuitous for large areas of the United States.
From this limited survey and my observations, I have concluded that Northwest Baptists have a long way to go before catching up with their Mississippi cousins, of whom it has been said, "the Baptists and the kudzu are taking over the country.
Two works on the early Baptist endeavors in the Northwest are: Baptist Annals of Oregon, 1844-1900 by C.
of Transportation approved the transfer of the operating certificate of defunct Independence Air to Northwest Airlines, moving it closer to launching its new Regional subsidiary Compass Airlines.
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