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Canadian literary critic interested in the use of myth and symbolism (1912-1991)

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CW 29 = Northrop Frye on Twentieth-Century Literature.
And this brings us to questions of practice that Rabinowitz and Bancroft felt obliged (mostly) to defer, but that I feel obliged to attend to at least enough to refute the widely uncontested assumption of Northrop Frye that literature itself, which is to say, the imaginative experience available through an attentive reading of a literary text, can't be taught.
5) This essay is, above all, an attempt at reclaiming Swinburne as a critic: it seeks to show how his critical writing, in its vision of poems as mythic-transcendent unities, exercized a palpable influence on Northrop Frye and I.
In those days there was virtually nothing of much worth published on this particular area, despite the theoretical contributions of Erich Auerbach, Northrop Frye, and Wilson Knight which had awakened interest in romance in general.
The book also offers a nice combination of the approaches to understanding that Northrop Frye termed "diachronic" (historical) and "synchronic" (structural).
The Northrop Frye handbook; a biographical and bibliographic guide.
Literary critic and theorist Northrop Frye, editor of Currelly's memoirs, observed, in 1956, that the ROM director had the keenest interest in "the saving of threatened woodlots" and in "any measure that would help to make the trees grow again and the dried-up rivers run again.
Every text as text," the authors note, "evokes other texts with it and needs the knowledge of the reader about other texts, in order to be able to be read" (169)--to paraphrase Northrop Frye, "literature is made from other literature.
Bons exemplos que dao sustento a essa compreensao de Dopp, pois demonstram os modos mais comuns de articulacoes dessas relacoes, podem ser encontrados nas escritas de Alfred Bailey e Northrop Frye.
Schwartz sees in the novels the use by Lewis of a literary device Northrop Frye described as an Augustinian strategy to accuse one's opposition of derivative doubling that merely bears a close resemblance or imitation of the real thing.
Estudiosos como Mircea Eliade habian ya notado la presencia de mitos en la novela moderna, y Northrop Frye considera que una parte de la tarea del critico consiste justo en mostrar como los generos literarios se derivan del mito, lo que no significa que en si sean mitos.
In the introduction, after questioning Thomas Moser's achievement and decline reading of Conrad's writing career, Baxter contextualizes her study in relation to ideas of romance articulated by Northrop Frye, Gillian Beer, and Margaret Bruzelius and then explains the distinctions between philosophical romance and anti-philosophical romance articulated by Robert Miles.
Northrop Frye spoke of "the powers of repression in the student's mind that keep him from knowing what he knows" (1982: xv).
The resulting book should appeal to a range of readers, including those interested in pastoral, in the work of Reaney's mentor Northrop Frye, and in Canadian history and literature in general.
C'est ainsi qu'il travaiUera a partir des textes de Henry Louis Gates, Houston Baker, Thomas King, Gerald Vizenor, Pierre Nepveu, Northrop Frye, Anthony Appiah et Charles Taylor, notamment, pour etudier comment s'exprime la << double conscience >> dans les etudes de litteratures << africaines-americaines, autochtones d'Amerique du Nord et quebecoises/canadiennes >> (28).
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