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Synonyms for Northerner

an inhabitant of the North

an American who lives in the North (especially during the American Civil War)

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In March 2017, a clash between some northerners and some Yoruba communities in Ile Ife left 46 people killed, about 100 injured and properties worth several millions of naira destroyed.
In the 2,000-strong poll 54% said the best snog of their life was with a northerner, compared with 46% who picked a southerner.
But Northerners don't study Northern geography, or Northern history.
30 is a day constantly on the mind of many northerners, who have settled in the south of Yemen since the country's unification in 1990.
But it wasn't the well known public personas which the photographer was keen to capture for Northerners, it was what lay behind them.
Newspaper reports shouted IUN's positive reception by Northerners: "U Courses Draw Wide Interest in North-Areas," "Manitoba's Three Universities Offer Credit Courses to Northern Residents," "Co-operative Program Almost Manitoba's fourth University." (9) By January 1974, fifteen university credit courses were being taught to 307 students in The Pas, Cranberry Portage, Lynn Lake, Snow Lake, Thompson, Gillam and Churchill.
North West Lib-Dem Chris Davies suggested in these pages that I should be sticking up for fellow northerners. What he fails to understand is that, as it stands, these unfairly funded plans would take business away from fellow northerners, specifically those that I represent.
Referendum Commission Chairman Mohamed Ibrahim Khalil had told Reuters the five Sutherners in the nine-member commission would vote as a bloc to prevent a Northerner from taking the post of secretary general, who would control the commission's funds.
Jonathan, a Christian from the southern Niger Delta, has not yet said whether he plans to stand, but a bid would need the support of northerners within the PDP to be guaranteed victory in the polls.
Jasser al-Yamani, the deputy governor of Lehej province, said that armed men on Monday ambushed a northerner at a roadblock near Radfan, a city located 360km south of Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, killing him and seizing his car.
Among its 9 recommendations, it called upon the Government of Canada to "place a high priority on local decision making, honouring existing collaborative frameworks and encouraging full local participation to help assure outcomes that work for northerners." That advice prompted one northerner to comment: "It is a nice change to hear some common sense come from the government.
The group gathered outside the BBC media village in White City, west London, yesterday in response to the comedy skit in which a character's "pet northerner" is urged to "mount" a neighbour's Filipina maid.
Strohm is a 'Northerner' by preference: France (including Burgundy), the Netherlands, and his adopted England are central in his story of fifteenth-century music; Germany, Spain, and Italy are peripheral.
A northerner himself, he feels a special sympathy with them.
Aschenbach, the protagonist of Benjamin Britten's 1973 opera Death in Venice, is, like Serge Diaghilev before him, a northerner drawn to Venice's Lido and destined to die a mortal death beside the immortal Adriatic.