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a native or resident of North Carolina


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"This rootsy North Carolinian may be the most buzzed-about new songwriter in folkdom," the release quotes Scott Alarik of The Boston Globe as writing.
A North Carolinian by birth, Porter moved to Texas, where he became the editor and publisher of the humorous magazine The Rolling Stone.
Monaghan, a Fayetteville native and lifelong North Carolinian, received the award on 1 October 2015 at a celebration in Raleigh.
In Hope of Liberty (the title is a conscious echo of The Hope of Liberty, a book of poetry written by an enslaved North Carolinian named George Moses Horton and published in 1829) reminds us how far we have come over the past thirty-eight years in fleshing out this complex narrative.
While Bob was ill at ease on the religious-right circuit, Elizabeth became a more familiar figure in America's pulpits than fellow North Carolinian Billy Graham.
Compact and pithy, "Creature" is an unwitting reverse companion piece to Monika Treut's recent "Gendernauts," charting four years on the rocky road from man to woman of a transplanted North Carolinian in Los Angeles.
He was the protege of another strongly anti-Clinton North Carolinian, Jesse Helms, who also dined with Sentelle and Faircloth that day in the Senate dining room.
In 1941 Robert Morgan, 23, a privileged North Carolinian, had little idea of what air warfare might mean when he joined the U.S.
Personal odyssey by a gay North Carolinian to understand his state's relationship to its extremist senior senator, Jesse Helms, will find its natural venue in gay film rest s.
Although some may wonder why the main character, a lifelong North Carolinian, doesn't speak with a Southern accent while his fellow police officers do, Ganser does give variety to the voices of the other characters.
There are weaknesses, especially when Cecil-Fronsman's broad definition of his group breaks down, as when he discusses the different racial attitudes of small slaveowners and "poor whites." The author is also often guilty of the sin he ascribes to the Owsley school, a tendency "to define the 'average North Carolinian' by homogenizing the lot" (4).
So a North Carolinian who causes an accident that results in bodily injury damages of $1,800 or less can know that one point will be added to their license, which brings with it a 25-percent increase in premiums.
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