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For the first time, North Carolina has lost its number one ranking in the annual study, which measures the industry's impact on the economies of individual states.
To prove he was a man of conservative principles, he refused to commute the death sentence of Velma Barfield, the first woman to be executed in North Carolina in 40 years.
About NCTA: The North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA) is a not-for-profit, membership-driven trade organization and the primary voice of the technology industry in North Carolina.
As in most states, students in North Carolina can leave a traditional public school and enroll in a charter, at will and for no monetary cost.
However, North Carolina A&T (0-8) was just as bad, and the score was tied 4-4.
First, Primitive Baptists were unusual in that they were among the few whites in North Carolina willing to sell land to freedmen, and they did so in Wilson and surrounding counties.
Long said that auto insurers have been overcharging North Carolina drivers through excessive "clean risk" recoupment surcharges, the portion of each North Carolina driver's premium which goes to the NCRF to keep automobile liability insurance broadly available.
While The Wall Street Journal and other national organs with reliable conservative credentials have heaped well-deserved scorn on ridiculous gerrymanders in North Carolina and othe states, they have largely ignored the culpability of Republicans.
Hertford Pointe is a unique concept and to our knowledge is the first of its kind in North Carolina.
North Carolina wasn't given any respect as a carryover from last year's team.
Kay and Cary's impressive research and generally persuasive discussions of naming patterns, language, and religion demonstrate that the slaves of North Carolina in the generation before the Revolution relied on their African heritage and cultural backgrounds.
In fact we'll continue operating as a North Carolina company, so all of our customers can still count on us to be here when they need us.
The North Carolina Self-Insurance Security Association provides workers compensation benefits directly to eligible individuals in the event of a default by any member company that self-insures its workers compensation liabilities in North Carolina.
North Carolina finally figures out Florida, UConn keeps its composure against Kansas, Syracuse is dialed in against Duke and Iowa undercuts Utah.
Labor of Innocents: Forced Apprenticeship in North Carolina, 1715-1919.
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