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In 1867 in the Ambrose case, the North Carolina Supreme Court, in an opinion written by a Republican justice, revoked court-ordered indentures that had been made without the apprentice being in court.
But at the time, he thought North Carolina would be a perfect place to resurrect his career.
My research finds that math-score growth for North Carolina students who stay in charters is not significantly different from students who stay in regular public schools; reading-score growth is higher, significantly so, for students staying four or five consecutive years.
Like many others, North Carolina farmers face difficult times, whether due to the changing dynamics of tobacco following the recently passed tobacco buyout bill, or simply due to the ever-increasing challenge of making a profit as a farmer in the global marketplace.
North Carolina responded in October by repealing the cession act.
This new church later would serve as the location for the founding of the fledgling Baptist State Convention of North Carolina in 1830.
As a community college instructor in North Carolina, I get a salary that is more than $15,000 below the national average.
Roy Williams spent his boyhood dreaming of playing for North Carolina.
A North Carolina Superior Court judge in April ruled in favor of both the physician and the board on certain matters.
Ausley, a marine biologist at the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Raleigh.
The two storms hit similar areas of North Carolina where the tobacco crop was in roughly the same stage of harvest as it was when Bonnie hit in 1998.
If the commercial domicile is North Carolina, the investment income will be North Carolina taxable income to the nonresident shareholders.
A University of California geography professor, Johnson happily accepted a new post as endowed professor at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.
Burkholder, a freshwater botanist at North Carolina State University, is the person who first discovered and described the phytoplankton species Pfiesteria Piscidia when it began killing fish in a university aquarium several years ago.
Five years ago, in the aftermath of the biggest GOP sweep North Carolina had ever seen, a group of stunned Democratic Party leaders paid for a mammoth public-opinion poll to find out what went wrong.
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