North Africa

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an area of northern Africa between the Sahara and the Mediterranean Sea

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7) Even American missionary activities, which helped produce some ties between the United States and other parts of the Middle East, were relatively sparse in North Africa.
It is unlikely many countries in the Middle East and North Africa will be implementing such measures in the foreseeable future.
About ISA Hardware ISA Hardware is one of the most dynamically developing computer component distributors operating in the markets of Europe, Middle East, and North Africa.
Even as we work with allies and friends to meet the great challenge of advancing freedom and peace in the broader Middle East and North Africa, we will seize other important opportunities to build a world of peace and hope.
closed with Rome in control of all of the former dominions of Carthage save a few portions of North Africa and the city itself.
He recently wrote a cookbook called Classic Vegetarian Cooking from the Middle East and North Africa.
The colonial past of Arab North Africa appears as increasingly fresh and relevant to increasing numbers of scholars from outside of the traditional field of North African studies, a key terrain in which colonial culture can be apprehended.
In a global tomographic study, seismic waves showed a noticeable slowing when passing beneath the eastern Atlantic, western and central Europe, and North Africa.
Currently the number of IPTV homes in the Middle East and North Africa is on the rise, and in terms of Pay TV markets as a whole, the region total is predicted to increase to 11 million Pay TV homes by 2014, giving a staggering 15% penetration rate*.
The post StarLink Egypt transformed into North Africa hub appeared first on Reseller Middle East.
Under the Swiss North Africa Programme 2011-2016, Switzerland engages in the region with an annual budget of around CHF 60 million.
Military historian O'Hara describes the Anglo-American Operation Torch, a risky amphibious invasion of neutral French territory in North Africa in order to get a toe-hold and open another front against the Nazis that would take pressure off the Russians.
The agreement was signed through Abraaj's second generation North Africa Fund (ANAF II).
Canadean's, "White Milk Market in MENA to 2020: Market Guide" provides a snapshot of White Milk consumption in Middle East and North Africa.