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Synonyms for North



  • northward(s)
  • in a northerly direction

Synonyms for North

the region of the United States lying to the north of the Mason-Dixon line

the United States (especially the northern states during the American Civil War)

the cardinal compass point that is at 0 or 360 degrees

a location in the northern part of a country, region, or city

Related Words

the direction corresponding to the northward cardinal compass point

Related Words

the direction in which a compass needle points

British statesman under George III whose policies led to rebellion in the American colonies (1732-1792)

situated in or facing or moving toward or coming from the north


in a northern direction

References in classic literature ?
The foundation of their airy castles lay already before them in the strip of rich alluvium on the river bank, where the North Fork, sharply curving round the base of Devil's Spur, had for centuries swept the detritus of gulch and canyon.
Yes, but WHOSE horse was it that took us to North Riverboro?
Lecount first resolved to devote the next few days to watching the habits of the inmates of North Shingles, from early in the morning to late at night, and to testing the capacity of the one servant in the house to resist the temptation of a bribe.
It was plain, therefore, that the attack would be developed from the north and that on the other three sides we were only to be annoyed by a show of hostilities.
When you're south of the Sticky Water [he meant the Equator] and your tail tingles, that means there's a gale in front of you and you must head north.
There being no sun nor other heavenly bodies, it is impossible for us to determine the North in the usual way; but we have a method of our own.
He knew a way to the north and his own country that the white men did not know--a short cut across an arid plateau where lay water holes of which the white hunters and explorers that had passed from time to time the fringe of the dry country had never dreamed.
Captain Bonneville mentions another geological phenomenon north of Red River, where the surface of the earth, in considerable tracts of country, is covered with broad slabs of sandstone, having the form and position of grave-stones, and looking as if they had been forced up by some subterranean agitation.
Even in the constitutional realm of Trade Winds, north and south of the equator, ships are overtaken by strange disturbances.
By this means, he observed, the entire command of the fur trade of North America might be obtained from lat.
So they travelled very easily across and among the broad bloomful fruit-gardens - by way of Aminabad, Sahaigunge, Akrola of the Ford, and little Phulesa - the line of the Siwaliks always to the north, and behind them again the snows.
And all this happened far away to the north, beyond Labrador, beyond Hudson's Strait, where the great tides heave the ice about, north of Melville Peninsula--north even of the narrow Fury and Hecla Straits--on the north shore of Baffin Land, where Bylot's Island stands above the ice of Lancaster Sound like a pudding-bowl wrong side up.
No, but I am their friend, although I live in the land of the North.
Straight toward the north, day and night, our destination compass led us after the fleeing flier upon which it had remained set since I first attuned it after leaving the thern fortress.
And these seem chiefly to be two, as they say, of the winds: namely, the north and the south; and all the others are declinations from these.