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English chemist (1897-1978)

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Fass UW, Al-Salmani M, Bendahhou S, Shivalingam G, Norrish C, Hebal K, et al.
In the other semifinal game, the Red Cubs leaned on the quintet of Niko Abatayo, Sam Abuhijleh, Norrish Decapia, Chami Diputado and Andrei Caracut to beat former UAAP champion Far Eastern University, 6157, and secure a return ticket to the onegame final this Saturday, also at CKSC gym.
Second period: 3, RIT, Brady Norrish (Brad McGowan, Josh Mitchell), 16:11.
Mike Norrish, a former 7DAYS journalist now with The Daily Telegraph, commented: "I am devastated by the death of Tony.
Despite the typical focus on success and happiness, it has been found that, as long as one's basic needs are met, financial status and material wealth do not account for individuals' perceptions of happiness (Lyubomirsky, 2001; Norrish & Vella-Brodrick, 2008).
Dad-of-two John Norrish, 68, pounced on the 33-yearold in his car after she had drunk 11 glasses of wine and nine vodka and Cokes.
NORRISH Georgette (nee Safadi) Widow of the late Ken Norrish, former city architect of Portsmouth, died 9th May 2012 in Birmingham.
2012 looks like being a strong year for investment flows," said Kevin Norrish, Managing Director at Barclays Capital Commodities Research.
Norrish (1983: 07) made a clear distinction between error and mistake.
Note that a lack of parallel alignment has also been reported for palygorskite coatings, interpreted to be non-illuvial (Singer and Norrish 1974; Kapur et al.
This is not a turning point," believes Kevin Norrish, London-based managing director at Barclays Capital.
Strong demand from emerging markets is at the centre of these forecasts, with "booming economies of China and India will continue to drive strong demand growth for most commodities over the next ten years," said Kevin Norrish, MD, Barclays Capital commodities research.
Kevin Norrish, Managing Director, Barclays Capital commodities research, said: "Investors expect to see continued strong demand from emerging markets and they predict another strong year for commodities.