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Among them, the most common anaemia was found to be normocytic normochromic anaemia (46%).
6] The findings of normocytic hypochromic and microcytic hypochromic types of anaemia were predominant in our study which is consistent with other studies.
Mycoplasma pneumonia produce hydrogen peroxide which is thought to be responsible for much of the initial cell disruption in respiratory tract and for damage of erythrocyte membrane and that probably explain the normocytic hypochromic anaemia.
7 %of patient peripheral smear suggestive of normocytic normochromic anemia and it was stastically significant and 36.
Investigations revealed a normocytic anemia (Haemoglobin: 8.
Majority of these cases was normocytic normochromic type, a finding which is parallel with reports of facer and beals.
Peripheral blood smear shows normocytic normochromic picture with normal white cell count but Platelet count was 40,000cells/mm suggesting thrombocytopenia.
78 (45%) children had normocytic anemia, 92 (54%) had microcytic hypochromic and 2 (1%) had macrocytic anemia.
An Indian study revealed anaemia as the most common haematological abnormality which was normocytic normochromic type in 61% of patients.
Anaemia was normocytic and normochromic in 65 % of cases and it correlated with degree of parasitemia.
Complete hemogram shows Normocytic normochromic anemia with sickle cells, poikilocytes, target cells, fragmented RBC and no haemoparasites.
In September 2016, routine screening of a female infant aged 9 months in Manchester, Connecticut, showed normocytic anemia and a blood lead level of 41 [micro]g/dL (levels exceeding 5 [micro]g/dL are abnormal) (1).
Increased rouleaux formation was observed on peripheral smear examination in all cases; 87% of the cases showed a normocytic normochromic anaemia.
Laboratory tests showed marked renal impairment (serum creatinine level 1 096 [micro]mol/L), with a normocytic anaemia, an elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (105 mm/h) and an elevated C-reactive protein level of 65 mg/L.