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United States socialist who was a candidate for president six times (1884-1968)

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Sanders, however, insists that he is no Norman Thomas, who ran not to win but to leaven the nation's political conversation with new ideas.
Patient boyfriend Danny (Carson Elrod) plays along graciously, good-natured grit provided by his sister Kayla (Andrea Frankle) and Laurie (Danielle Skraastad), lesbian marrieds whose frame of reference is more Norman Rockwell than Norman Thomas.
Christopher Norman Thomas, Emily Lane Brunini, and Lucille Matusiewicz Meredith.
The eulogy was given by Norman Thomas, a racehorse owner.
Pilot Jeffrey Norman Thomas, 55, and passenger Sheryl Ann Thomas, 56, both of Springfield, suffered minor injuries and were transported to Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend in Springfield, the Lane County Sheriff's Office said.
MANN Norman Thomas Died suddenly on 4th September 2009, aged 50 years.
The seven-year-old's former trainer Alan King recommended a change of scenery to owner Norman Thomas, and that advice proved beneficial as the 33-1 chance kept on well under pressure close home to claim a threequarter length success.
Norman Thomas: The Great Dissenter is a political biography of Norman Thomas (1884-1968), who ran as the Socialist Party candidate for President six times and devoted fifty years of his life to crusading for justice and equality for all Americans.
The production of this book was obviously a labor of love for Taylor and a fitting complement to This Train is Bound for Glory: The Story of America's Chapel Cars written by Taylor and her husband Norman Thomas in 1999.
One is Norman Thomas di Giovanni who was Borges's friend, translator of a large part of his writings into English and his de facto literary agent.
She joined a group of students at Norman Thomas High School in Manhattan, on Monday morning, to remind them how similar youth in all parts of the world are.
In April 1957 (midway through Ike's two terms), six-time Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas enthused that "the United States was making greater strides toward socialism under Eisenhower than even under Roosevelt.
Heilbroner, who held the Norman Thomas Chair at the New School, was not just their chronicler.
A major theme in my book is the struggle for the soul of the left, as embodied in Pat Jackson's journey from fellow traveler to anti-Communist, a trip repeated by, among others, Paul Douglas, Reinhold Niebuhr, Norman Thomas and Dwight Macdonald.
128) Indeed, nation-state rivalries, argued Addams's colleague Norman Thomas, ensured that no nation could prepare to defend itself without "awaken[ing] suspicion" among its neighbors, who would be forced to "keep up a race in armaments" that would lead to regular "nationalistic struggles.