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a two-year school for training elementary teachers

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There were other normal schools established, such as one in Manila put up by the Jesuits for male teachers, and another one for female teachers by the Augustian Religious of the Assumption.
He was the first teacher to provide music instruction in Taiwan and his plan was to establish the music curriculum in the normal schools and common schools.
This exhibition is bringing together all the institutes that cater to the visually impaired, and its purpose is to help blind students complete their studies in normal schools and universities," said Ahmad Hassan Al Mulla, community relations manager at Tamkeen Centre in Dubai.
There has been outcry by some parents in Windhoek over having to pay extra for Physical Education (PE) while it is supposed to be part of the normal schools syllabus.
Fraser examines this journey by initially looking at the normal schools and teacher training institutes present in the 19th century.
Therefore in 1936 the normal schools decided to reduce the number of teaching periods to give more opportunity for independent study, as well as for time in the practice schools.
In challenging our standard histories, the collection prompts us to redirect our collective attention to the Midwest, to the working class and normal schools, and to the earlier decades of the nineteenth century.
Most state colleges began as state normal schools in the 1800s.
Heralded as "an instrument of great good" (Everett 1863, 769) and a spring in which was coiled "a vigor whose uncoiling may wheel the spheres" (Ogren 2005, 16), normal schools continued to grow in numbers throughout the nineteenth century and produced thousands of teachers.
Nonetheless, early normal schools in New England and the Midwest have received greater attention than those established in the Southwest.
In this paper we present the preliminary findings of a study focused on determining the demographic and professional profiles and competencies of professors teaching at the Normal Schools that prepare elementary school teachers in the Southeast of Mexico.
When the backgrounds of the pupils were considered there was no difference between normal schools and faith schools.
Massachusetts established the first state normal schools in 1839, and Connecticut and New York soon followed.
Whereas the latter had a strictly vocational mission and mostly instructed males (only 13 of 69 EPCI were for girls in 1910), the former combined a general education track that could lead to departmental normal schools for primary schoolteachers and vocational options that competed with the EPCI for students.