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a theoretical distribution with finite mean and variance

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5 can be used to rapidly generate a large number of samples of correlated normal random variables.
The null hypothesis will be rejected if the hypothesis-testing statistic's value falls below the critical value of the standardised normal random variable [z.
Hence, a chi-squared random variable with 1 degree of freedom is simply the square of a normal random variable.
These random effects are usually described by a normal random variable.
I]/S can be regarded as a normal random variable with mean equal to zero and variance equal to one with no material error.
t] is a standard normal random variable, and s scales the variation of [[Epsilon].
rt] is assumed to be a spherical normal random variable.
It is a straightforward exercise to show that, for a normal random variable Z
For Normal distributions, Stein's lemma states that for a bivariate normal random variable (X, Y), we have
alpha]/2] is the positive value that the standard normal random variable exceeds with a probability of [alpha]/2.
n], and a random vector [xi] with components being independent standard normal random variables such that [[eta].