Norfolk terrier

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English breed of small terrier with a straight wiry grizzled coat and dropped ears

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Charlie Elphicke spoke out as his own dog, a four-year-old Norfolk terrier called Star, pictured, was crowned Westminster Dog of the Year.
Witnesses will say, and I quote, 'There was blood everywhere,' and that the victim, an 11-year-old Norfolk terrier answering to the name of Max, almost had his ear torn off.
She is a cross between a chihuahua and a Norfolk terrier.
She could even take her Norfolk Terrier, Jack, into the depths of Northumberland to take part in country pursuits, as her royal cousins have been known to do.
The cream of almost 200 breeds will be competing to succeed the 2005 champion, a Norfolk Terrier called Coco.
Champion Cracknor Cause Celebre or Coco, a six-year-old Norfolk Terrier, after she was named as Crufts 2005 supreme champion
A SIX-YEAR-OLD Norfolk Terrier won Best In Show at this year's Crufts.
A LITTLE Norfolk terrier called Coco won the prestigious Best In Show title at Crufts last night.
Norman the Norfolk terrier cross had been trained to help severely disabled kids who are too scared to cuddle a dog.
And Norfolk terrier Archie is the recipient of an elbow replacement.
Last year's winner was a Norfolk Terrier called Co-Co, but experts are tipping breeds such as the Pugg, Pekinese or Shi Tzu to lift the crown.
The other star of the show was a six-year-old Norfolk terrier that won Best In Show at yesterday's final.
And then there was Edward VII's Norfolk terrier Caesar, who used to relieve himself against the legs of visiting dignitaries.
Lord Waddington was forced to put the 12-year-old Norfolk terrier in quarantine for six months when he returned to Britain after five years as Governor of Bermuda.
They will aim to succeed a Norfolk Terrier called Coco as overall Best in Show champion.