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loose-fitting single-breasted jacket

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The boys were now all back in their class-room, I think entirely for the sake of warmth; but Raffles and I were in knickerbockers and Norfolk jackets, and very naturally remained without, while the army-crammer (who wore bedroom slippers) stood on the threshold, with an eye each way.
The uniform consisted of leather boots and gaiters, trousers and Norfolk jacket topped off by a slouch hat with a coloured plume in the side.
She lets me have two of them in exchange for a pair of golfing trousers and a Norfolk jacket.
I had a Norfolk jacket when I was about 15: green tweed with a belt around the waist.
The fat lady in the yachting cap was going shopping, not boating; the man in the Norfolk jacket and Tyrolean hat was returning, not from a mountain, but an insurance office; and the girl in slacks and sneaks with a bandanna around her head had just left a switchboard, not a tennis court.
On Saturday nights, she sashays out in a party frock and perfume exuding all the scents of the East, but on Sunday she lights her briar pipe, before slapping her thighs and striding off to the moors in a pair of robust brogues, Donegal tweed breeches and a Norfolk jacket - a Gertrude Stein of the leporine world.
But Villa boss David O'Leary has warned Crouch not to get himself fitted for a Norfolk jacket since he wants a new, improved hitman back for Christmas.
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